• IAM-144
  • IAM-144

Rack-Mounted 4 Way Split-Amplify Combiner

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Description & Features:
1. Suit for CATV. 
 2. 4 Power Double IC, Stable Performance.  

3. Divide whole CATV network into several sub-districts, 

   do centralized management in headend and distribute

   different group channels to each sub-districts, increase

   program & advertisement income.

4. Assemble Split, Amplify and Combine functions in one machine,

    an utility professional headend equipment. 

 5. 19" standard dimension.

1. M (main) Input is for common channels RF input. 
2. S (sub) in 1 (2,3,4) are for independent channels to sub-districts. 
3. Out1 (2,3,4) are main channels combine sub-channels output to district 1, 2, 3,4.

IAM-144 4-Way Split-Amplify Combiner Specification