• EH-1000HDT ~ EH-4000HDT

Professional HD Digital Encodulator

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1. Convert DVB video and audio signal to COFDM.  

    DVB-T / QAM DVB-C (Digital Video Bradcasting over Cable)

2. Combine Encoding and Modulating in one machine. 

    Professional All-in One Encodulator (Encorder / Modulator).

3. Suit for CATV Operator or small headend like Hotel,

    Sports Bars, hospitals, and etc. 

4. Single / Dual / Quad inputs for option. 

5. Compress maximum 4 programs in one channel bandwitdth (6/7/8MHz).

    One EH-4000SDT substitute Four other brand Encodulators, Save Money, Save Space.

6. Adjustable VHF/UHF output, adjustable logic channel numbering (LCN) and adjustable

    attenuation are standard features. 

7. With Composite input. 
8. Dual mode H.264AVC(MPEG4) / MPEG2 selectable.
9. Front panel LCD setting, easy setup and control.  
10. NTSC 720X480@30fps Video resolution. 
11. 1U Rack mountable for easy installation.   

HD Digital Encodulator Specification