• AMIII-860  AMIII-550
  • AMIII-860  AMIII-550

CATV Professional Agile Modulator

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1. Professional CATV Head-End Use.   
2. Suit for NTSC & PAL System, 860MHz
3. Combine 100~135 Channels for NTSC.
4. Combine 100~113 Channels for PAL.
5.  +60dBmV RF Output capacity at low distortion
6. SAW Filter design   
7. Easy to setup
8. External composite IF loop for scramble encoder 

9. Supports MTS stereo by providing an IF loop Audio input.

10.Switching Power, AC90~260V

11.Selection Module #AMA-100 to reach Auto Baseband Input

     Switching and Auto Sound Gain control functionsBlock

AMIII-860 Professional Agile Modulator Specification  

AMIII-550 Professional Agile Modulator Specification