• EH-HD-C1

HD 1080p Digital Modulator

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EH-HD-C1 is a composite videos input digital 1080p HD modulator which conform DVB-C standard. It adopt H.264 encoding and QAM modulate technology to process Video/Audio signals from Satellite Receiver, Surveillance Camera, Media player to DVB-C RF signal to LCD TV or Set-top Box with reliability and stability. Output range from 100 to 860MHz

1. EH-HD-C1 engages both H.264 encoer and QAM Modulation in one machine. 

2. Support digital TV and PC Resolution to 1080p.

3.Auto discriminate video source resolution.

4. Programmable channel name and logical channel number insrtion. (include NID / ONID / P.D.S. / TS ID / LCN)

5. User-friendly LCD panel design and easy operate interface. 

6. Can be collocate with 2 in 1 pannel on 2U Rack; 8-in-1 pannel on 4U Rack.

7. Suit for Surveillance, CATV, Hotel and Educational Institute. 

EH-HD-C1 Rear Pannel