• EH-200HDC

HD 1080i Digital Modulator

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EH-200HDC is a composite videos input digital 1080i HD modulator which conform DVB-C standard. It adopts MPEG-2 encoding and QAM modulate technology to process Video/Audio signals from Satellite Receiver, Surveillance Camera, Media player to DVB-C RF signal to LCD TV or Set-top Box with reliability and stability. Output range from 50 to 860MHz

1. EH-200HDC engages both MPEG-2 encoder and DVB-C Modulator in one machine.

2. Full Band Output 50 ~860Mhz.

3. Support 2 HDMI inputs. 

4. Conform ETS 300 429 DVB-C standard.

5.  Video Resolution support 1080i720p576p and 480p

6. Programmable channel name and logical channel number insertion, include LCN ONIDNID

7. User-friendly LCD panel design and easy operate interface.