• OLT-008
  • OLT-008

Optical Line Terminal

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Broadband services such as HDTV, MOD, IPTV and online games or online interaction webcam demand high bandwidth. EPON, standardized in IEEE 802.3ah, is the most promising FTTH technology to provide 1 Gbps bandwidth for both upstream and downstream that really addresses future bandwidth needs. An EPON Network consists of the central office Optical Line Terminal (OLT), the customer side Optical Network Unit (ONU), and the passive Optical Distribution Network (ODN).     

The EPON solutions include OLT systems, various ONU systems, and NMS-2000 Network Management System. OLT-008 is an EPON OLT device which is a 2U chassis-based system. It provides 8 EPON ports in the system to support totally 256 subscribers. Together with the different type ONUs, OLT-008 completes the end-to-end FTTx with up to 1 Gbps of bandwidth to residential and business customers. It is the ideal carrier class optical access platform for FTTx (FTTC, FTTB, FTTH).


1. Compliant to IEEE 802.3ah standard.

2. Flexible QoS management for triple play service.

3. Flexible VLAN management to meet operator’s service model.

4. Support IGMP proxy for efficient Multicast.

5. Support full suite of security and administrative functions.

6. Support completed OAM&P functions.

7. Support 256 subscribers.

8. Enable/Disable ONU VoIP and CATV Services. 

 OLT-008 Application


OLT-008 Specification