• KW-8730-38

Advanced CATV 2-Way Trunk Amplifier

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1. Two-Way, 870MHz, Gain 38dB.   

2. 2pcs NXP original IC, High Power, Stable Performance.

3. Switching Power Design.

4. Return Amplifier Module for option.

5. AC Power supply insert with independent port.  

6. Rigid base and Top cases design with high quality, electric conductible Rubber Band Seal, excellent waterproof.

7. Aluminum Alloy Housing with corrosion resistance, Good Heat-Spread.

8. Replaceable American Spec. Lightning Protector.

9 No power cutoff when inner module is dissembled.

10. Three Output Option: a. 1Out1Br   b. 2Out      c. 1Out 

11. 550 / 750MHz and 1GHZ amplifier also available.

12. Can Upgrade to 1GHz only by replacing inner module.

Advanced 2 way Trunk Amplifier Specification